This project started over four years ago when Steve Tiller was invited to The Refugee Council in Brixton to talk with one of their senior managers and then spend a day observing the work of the Council supporting asylum seekers from every corner of the globe. This experience will stay with him for the rest of his life.

A few weeks later, with founder of Yo Sushi and Dragons Den judge Simon Woodroffe OBE, he went to see the Refugee Council’s work at the Oakington Detention Centre in Cambridge and was again powerfully moved by the visit.

Thus began a period of research when Steve was joined by Naveen Arles and Associate Producer Jacqueline Steinmetz.  We would like to thank staff and volunteers from the following organisations and in particular:

Simon Woodroffe OBE, Tim Finch, Ron Breijer and Zoe Burton at the Refugee Council, Rose Haines for the Refugee Council at Oakington Detention Centre, Emma Ginn at Medical Justice, Natasha Walter and Juliet Stevenson at Women for Refugee Women, Annie Blaber at The Helen Bamber Trust, NCADC, Ali Aksoy at Hackney Refugee Forum, Helen Hibberd at Hackney Migrant Centre, Bethan Lant, Alex Sutton and Vaughn Jones
at Praxis, Andy Ruiz Palma at St Mary Magdalene Centre, Justin O’Shaughnessy and Alex Finlayson at the Shoreditch Festival, Garfield Hackett at Cordy House/Mutate Britain, Sandra Collins Cultural Programme Officer at the London Borough of Hackney, Claire Hodgson and Dimitrios Tourountsis at Diverse City, Jo Carter at Immediate Theatre and Jenny Sealy at Graeae


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