Slideshow and Feedback

Images courtesy of Simon Annand.

Audience Feedback from The Shoreditch Consul.

“a guerilla opera in an amazing set up – 5 star recommendation by me. Go see it if you get a chance”

“Wonderful show. Loved it.”

The singing was powerful and emotional.”

Its hard hitting message was not lost on me as a Diasporal African whose ancestry began in Africa.”

“Amazing! First Class Opera, striking surroundings made it a really powerful performance. Congratulations…”

“It is a fantastic performance. One of the most unique theatre experience I ever had. Well done! If i had known in advance, i would have brought a lot of friends along. It is an amazing experience!”

If you’re an opera cynic – go. If you’re an opera fan – go. Very exciting work.”

“I thought The Shoreditch Consul a fascinating experience.” It was an ambitious project, imaginatively staged with a minimum of resources (I loved the low lighting levels and use of torches). It was impressively performed, both musically and vocally.Not all the “site specific” or promenade performances I’ve been to have been a successful match of material and location, but this one was.”

“Blimey. I wasn’t expecting that…. Excellent stuff, but then I expect nothing less. Found space theatre at its best, opera actually – Don’t let the word opera put you off. You’ll be glad you went.”

“Many congratulations again on a brilliant performance. The atmosphere of threat that you created through the accompaniment of the audience through the bleak setting of the warehouse was very powerful – We feel very privileged to have been party to this really unique performance and very much hope that it can reach other and much wider audiences.”

“What a great night – hope it goes somewhere from here! –”

“The Shoreditch Consul – what an amazing experience. I have to admit I am normally not a fan of experimental theatre and definitely not a fan of opera….”

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